About Us

We the owners have long shared the same passion for the game of baseball. We noticed a need in the Wayne, Johnston, and Lenoir County areas for an indoor baseball/softball training facility. As the search for a building seemed like a never ending search that provided more heartbreak than anything, the perfect location and building became available seemingly overnight. The old Southco Retail location on Commercial drive became available and in a matter of days we were able to secure 

it and here we are. Almost 15,000 square feet of open warehouse space that is heated and cooled year round. This facility is big enough to house 8 batting cages all of which are long enough to pitch from any distance desired. In the middle cages 3,4, and 5 we can retract the nets and make enough space for indoor soccer, a regulation size volleyball court and even dodge ball. This building is bigger and better than we could have ever dreamed allowing us to offer other sports a chance to practice and train in a climate controlled setting. We have pitching machines available, as well as offer lessons and team rentals. The Launching Pad will be Eastern North Carolina's premier multi-sports training facility. Thanks to all of those that have supported us along the way.