Strength and Conditioning

Speed and Agility

Here at The Launching Pad (TLP) we have two of the most qualified fitness trainers we could find in North Carolina. They have put together classes that will help you or your athlete become faster and stronger than they have ever been. Our classes run on 6 week intervals and will be based on different levels. They will start at Level 1 and as you or your athlete completes that 6 week level then you will be able to move on to the next level. This is done to help prevent injuries and to work your way up into more advanced workouts.


These classes will be based on age groups and will be limited to 12 athlete per class. This will ensure that the instructor has adequate time to work with each athlete. Each new training class will be announced on our website as well as social media.


Please sign up on our e-soft software to be able to receive emails about upcoming training classes. Our instructors will be available for personalized  1 on 1 basis but this will be based on availability.  The cost for personalized 1 on 1 will be more than group classes.  Check out our instructors page to see the bios for our fitness instructors.